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Frog’s Hollow

We are very lucky to have a talented poet in our team of tour guides.  Gaill can whip up a poem about almost any topic without batting an eyelid.  Here is her latest about “Frog’s Hollow”.  

In days gone by in Frog’s Hollow
You might stumble across scenes hard to swallow.
A maiden so fair
Waits on a corner there
For some eager rum-laden fellow.

One could buy all kinds of goods
From opium, grog and various foods.
The Nine Holes shops were well renowned
And may have been Brissy’s first Chinatown!

Whatever you think of those old days
Long gone now, our town still has its ways
Of welcoming people from far and near.
So drop on by we are waiting right here!

Brisbane Street ARt

Do you know where Frog’s Hollow is, and its colourful part of Brisbane history? 

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