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Brisbane hasn’t always been known for its public and street art, but as award-winning travel journalist David Whitley found out  we have an increasingly varied and interesting array for locals and visitors to enjoy

Brisbane’s reputation as Australias’s undiscovered cool city continue to grows.  Travel + Leisure Asia’s Jenny  Hewett spent a few days in Brisbane and joined us on our Small Bars of the Valley tour.  Here is what she thought of the new Brisbane

Brisbane was once a backwater town, “Now it’s Australia’s Coolest City”, says Forbes.com Laura Parker, after joining us for a couple of our tours recently.  Come along on our City Essentials or Art + Design Tour to see if you agree. 

Channel 7’s lifestyle and travel program The Great Day Out  joined us on an Art + Design Tour.  Click the link below to see the story.

The Great Day Out; What You’ll See on Walk Brisbane’s Art + Design Tours


Miriam Habtesellasie explored Brisbane and our Art and Design Tour  recently.  She wasn’t sure what to expect from our City, but reports that it ticked all the boxes and more.

Nothing beats winter in Brisbane as local writer Natascha Mirosch confirmed recently when playing tourist in her home city.  Natascha joined us on an Art and Design Tour and wrote about it in a piece for the New Daily

Our near neighbours in New Zealand often travel ‘across the ditch’ for a few days in Queensland.  Olivia Fairhurst spent four days in Brisbane, the state’s capital and found there is plenty to do.  She joined us on our Laneways and Cafes tour

Louise Burke from the “The National” in Abu Dhabi joined our City Essentials Tour during her 24 hours in Brisbane Louise is a West Australian journalist living and working abroad, so it was lovely to welcome her ‘home’ for a short visit.

A lovely piece from food blogger Not Quite Nigella about a Weekend in Brisbane where she enjoyed a Walk Brisbane  Laneways and Cafes Tour

We were delighted to be visited by Conde Naste International and to show them a  highlights of our City Essentials,  Art and Design and Laneways and Cafes Tours

Stefanie Waldek from Architectural Digest writes about A Design Lover’s Guide to Brisbane where she joined us for one of our Art and Design Tours. Also check out her tips on other things to see and do in Brisbane.