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Urban Wine Walk – now it’s Brisbane’s turn!

Urban Wine Walk

Perhaps the only thing that can turn a great walking tour into a fantastic one, is the chance to sample some delicious drinks. This is why we’re busy adding the finishing touches to our very own Small Bars tour.  In the meantime, why not join the 2018 Urban Wine Walk  and get a taste of what Brisbane has to offer?  Often hidden in the back-streets, Brisbane is home to a plethora of interesting and innovative bars and restaurants; and they stock some of the tastiest Australian wines to boot.   

Each venue on the Urban Wine Walk is partnered with an Australian winemaker. Once you have a ticket you’ll get entry into all participating venues, complimentary tastings, and a $5 voucher to spend. The beauty of the walk is that you’re free to wander venue-to-venue at your leisure.

One of the bars/pubs you’ll  be able to visit is Saccharomyces (don’t worry, it’s pronounced: sac-ar-o-my-sees). It’s an example of why this event, and our own bar tours, are not just about the drinks themselves. The name itself piques interest, but it’s what’s inside that’ll really grab your attention. Set in a warmly lit, beer-hall-inspired room, it’s a pub whose physical setting reflects its food and drink philosophy – friendly and comforting. 

Saccharomyces pride themselves on sourcing only the highest quality products. Like all the venues you’ll visit this weekend, they like to know exactly where everything in their kitchen comes from. For the Urban Wine Walk, Sacchar… (you know the drill….), will be showcasing wines from Pyramids Road Winery – one of Queensland’s own.

Other wineries to be featured include the always-experimental La Petite Mort (QLD), and the creative Jilly Wines (NSW). We can’t help but notice that although the latter is a NSW winery, the creator Jared Dixon is another born-and-bred Queenslander!

Now, we believe it’s important to mention wine’s rambunctious cousin, beer, in an article about Brisbane’s liquid goodness. More specifically: craft beer. Brisbane is home to some of Australia’s best craft breweries, and the Green Beacon Brewing Company is no exception. Founded by two friends, their desire is to see beer afforded the same foodie respect as holier-than-thou-wine:

 “[Beer] can be a product of huge flavour and depth, crafted specifically to be paired with different foods and indulge the senses” (Marc & Adrian – founders).

And they’re achieving exactly that! In 2017 they were recognised as Champion Small Brewery at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards. Their session IPA can be found at one of our favourite spots, Felix For Goodness. You’ll have a chance to visit this hideaway bar/cafe on the wine walk, as well as on our own upcoming bar tours. Be sure to check back soon for more information, or register your interest by emailing hello@walkbrisbane.com