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Our Top Five Travel Gadgets

Allow us to paint a picture…..

You have just arrived at the airport to catch that dreaded 5am flight. You are wearing a full-to-the-brim backpack, a jumper around your waist, and have a coat slung over your arm.  In your hand is a half-dead phone and a pair of earphones that keep tangling around the handle of your suitcase, which you are of course pulling at the same time.

As you near the terminal doors, the arm of your backpack slips off your shoulder and, oh dear, as you attempt to pull it up,  your neck pillow slips from your other hand and onto the ground. This is the very neck pillow you hoped to bury your face in for the better half of the flight.

If you can sympathise with the image of this poor, unfortunate traveler, please keep reading. Today for the second instalment of our travel tips series, we’d like to list a few of our favourite travel gadgets and products we believe will make flying just a little easier, so that when you arrive you are refreshed, organised and ready to enjoy your holiday!

Handy Luggage Clip


The Carry Clip

To avoid using your arms as coat hangers, we recommend using these handy dandy carry clips. Simply attach to the arm of your bag or handle of your suitcase, then clip in your jumper or neck pillow.  They can also be used to attach smaller bags to your larger suitcases. 


Compression Flight Socks

These are a must-have for anyone who experiences swelling of the feet and lower legs while flying. They are designed to help your veins and muscles circulate the blood more effectively by hugging your legs tightly.  As an added bonus, they are quite cosy and can be found in a range of designs and colours.



Comfortable neck pillow

Neck Pillow Cover  

There is nothing worse than having your neck pillow fall onto  the dirty airport floor, or rest on questionable surfaces when you sit down. Investing a minimal amount of money into a cover for your pillow is well worth it.  Especially when you remember that your face will soon be intimately acquainted with whatever germs exist on the surface of said pillow.  


Noise-cancelling Headphones

Initially created for round-the-world pilots,  noise cancelling headphones are now a not negotiable for seasoned travelers.  There are several reasons why a pair of these is everything you’ve been dreaming of.   Essential Noise cancelling headphones

Firstly, and obviously, they cancel out the unwanted background noises, and reduce the intensity of the humming plane engine. However, more importantly, they allow you to listen to your movie without blasting the volume and giving yourself early tinnitus.




Portable Charger

Not all airports come well equipped with power outlets.  And not everyone enjoys queuing for a turn on the cycle-for-your-power bikes in the middle of a sleep-deprived-36-hour journey.  A portable charger is a great way to combat the stress of a dead phone.  Some designs will accommodate as many as five devices at a time and can charge a phone up to seven times before needing to be recharged itself.

Just don’t forget to power up before you leave!